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We take our wrapping seriously...

The Gift and Bow is not your traditional gifting company. Each gift is unique and made with great attention to detail. The Gift and Bow was created out of a love for gift giving-the entire process from finding the perfect gift to wrapping it with  love, care and the perfect bow. Depending on the box, bundle or basket, there was always inspiration behind its development. The way your gift is wrapped is also inspired by the gift itself.  You won't see us use the exact same ribbon or bow on every single one of our gifts. We like to keep it exciting, add touches and details that you won't find on your typical gift box. Your gift will always be presented beautifully and sure to give the receiver of the gift a true experience they will never forget.  

Inside the Box/Bundle

The products we select to include in our bundles are always of the highest quality from makers we believe create with love, care and quality in mind.  We spend a tremendous amount of time curating in a meaningful and beautiful way. We are thoughtful about the products we place together and are so proud of the way they compliment each other. There is so much that goes into curating the perfect gift and this is time and effort we enjoy dedicating to make the final product one that is unforgettable.

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