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By Anitako Organics 


BABY JELLY organic all-purpose skin salve infused with calendula

Our Baby Jelly is not just for baby bottoms! It is a fantastic skin barrier against wetness, also incredible for soothing and protecting chapped lips, dry skin, cracked heels, gardener’s hands, and anything else you can think of.

• Diapers salve
• Working hands salve
• Cracked heel balm
• Lip balm
• Lip gloss
• Makeup remover

Specially formulated with calendula infused oil and skin-loving ingredients, this petroleum-free jelly is a safe and natural alternative. Natural, pure, safe for little ones, and suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, too.

Goes on smoothly, acting as a natural skin barrier and penetrates deeply to nourish skin from the inside. This jelly is rich but easily absorbed by the skin, without feeling greasy. It is cloth diaper friendly as well. 

Baby Jelly

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