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Our Kiddo Gift Box is the perfect gift for any kid who loves lego, silly twisty pencils, appreciates a nice treat and enjoys a good bubble and fiz in the bath! 

The Kiddo

  • <>Party in My Mouth White Postcard Chocolate Bar |  Alicja Confections. Party in My Mouth is a 28% white chocolate bar. Crunchy sprinkles and popping candy makes for a fun bar to eat. Kids love it! 

    <>Build on Brick Novelty Mug. Build onto this Lego mug with the small pack of building bricks included, or the lego you already have at home! Use it as a mug or as a holder for your pencils at your desk! (Handwash only) 

    <>Twisty Pencils. 3 pencils included that can be twisted, shaped and knotted. Try and write your name without this pencil wiggling away!

    <>Cotton Candy Bath Bomb | Happy Hippo Bath. These bath bombs are packed with natural ingredients including Epsom salts! These fizzing balls of goodness are so soothing and leave the skin feeling fresh and soft. Add a single bomb to your bath for an explosion of softness, color and fragrance. 

    <>Epsom Salt Bubble Bath | A fun take on a traditional pure Epsom soak for those times when bubbles are a must have! Your bath will be full of bubbles as you enjoy fun aroma of Banana Split, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy or Watermelon while you enjoy some play time.

    **Bath Products are recommended for kids 3 years and older.

    *Children should be supervised by an adult to ensure proper and safe use of all products. 

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